Flame Rated Materials

Protecting Public Spaces - Manufacturing the widest variety of flame rated fabricating materials available anywhere in the world. Theme parks, zoos, aquariums, hotels, and other public spaces throughout the world are increasingly requiring materials that are flame rated; self-extinguishing, with low smoke generation.
Flame Rated Materials

Urethane Materials Flame Rated

Liquid Plastics, Expanding Foams, and Sprayable Coating that are suitable for a variety of flame rated applications.

Modified Gypsum Flame Rated

Versatile polymer modified gypsum systems that have superior physical and performance properties compared to regular gypsum products.

Epoxy Materials Flame Rated

Sculptable, Castable and Brushable Epoxy suitable for interior/exterior theming applications.

Silicone Rubber Flame Rated

High performance translucent silicone rubbers that can be mixed 1A:1B by weight or volume and are very strong and very “stretchy”. Cured material is certified Skin Safe and UL-94 Flame Rated.

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