Tools and Equipment

There are tools and equipment that can make processing easier and ensure success with these materials.
Tools and Equipment

Mixing Containers

Plastic mixing containers with graduated markings for accurate measurement of materials which are measured by volume.

Mechanical Mixers

The Turbine Mixer is a simple design, yet does a better job of mixing Smooth-On rubbers, plastics and foams than any mixer we've tried.

Dispensing Guns and Pumps

hold Body Double™, Dragon Skin™, Ecoflex™, Mold Star™ and other 400 ml cartridges and forces the Parts A & B through a static mixing tube.

KwikeeTM Non-Aerosol Sprayer

A faster, labor-saving way to cover large models or molds and delivers sealing agent or release agent in a fine mist.

Vacuum and Pressure Chambers

Pressure chambers offer the optimal method for creating molds and resin castings that are truly bubble free.
Vacuum chambers that pull 29 inches of mercury are used to remove the air from high viscosity materials like silicone rubber before pouring.

EZ~SprayTM Jr. spray system

Versatile line of sprayable rubbers, plastics and foams are for large projects or for completing a number of smaller projects simultaneously.

Aluminum Pail Opener

Opens and re-seals 1 gallon and 5 gallon plastic pails. There is no need to use a cutting device when opening pails with the bucket opener.

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