Skin Safe FX Materials

Skin safe silicone can be modified to create silicone gel for encapsulated appliances. Encapsulated appliances can be adhered to the skin, and edges can be melted away. Silicones are also available which can also applied directly to the skin for making hyper-realistic knife slashes, burns, bullet holes and other gore in minutes. Use with versatile blood kit to complete the effect.
Skin Safe FX Materials

Dragon SkinTM FX-Pro

Used around the world to make spectacular skin and creature effects that are skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

EcoflexTM GEL

Used for making fast skin safe appliances for special effects and cosplay, cushioning for orthopedic and orthotic devices worn on the body and much more.

Skin TiteTM

Silicone Appliance Builder and Adhesive for Skin F/X used to create fast wounds, scars and to adhere skin effect appliances directly to the skin.

Psycho PaintTM

Platinum silicone paint base used to make a base for color pigmenting

Soma FoamaTM

Flexible silicone expanding foam used for a variety of industrial and special effects applications including making foam filled appliances, padding/seat cushioning, orthotics/orthopedics.

Prosthetic Adhesives & Encapsulants

Encapulation material used for silicone makeup appliances and pressure sensitive adhesives used to adhere the pieces to the skin, producing an ultra-realistic effect.

Ultimate Skin FX Kits

These kits include easy to use Skin Tite™ on-skin silicone as well as the accessories you need to create amazing skin FX.

Ultimate BloodTM

The most realistic and versatile theatrical blood system available anywhere. It perfectly simulates human blood in how it looks and flows.

Skin Safe FX Materials Accessories

Additives compatible with Smooth-On Platinum Catalyzed Silicones for altering and enhancing the characteristics and performance of the rubber compounds.

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