Silicone Rubber - Platinum Cure

Also known as addition-cure silicone, platinums exhibit the lowest long-term shrinkage and have the longest library life of all mold rubbers (with a price tag to match). While good for making molds for casting a variety of materials, platinums also have application and physical properties that other rubbers do not. As a result, they are used for other applications. For example, some are certified "skin safe" and can be applied directly to human skin. They are also used for making prosthetic and orthotic devices, skin safe appliances and effects, etc. Some are certified "food safe" for culinary applications.
Silicone Rubber - Platinum Cure

Mold StarTM Series

Mixed 1A:1B by volume for precise measurements even at a very low mass. Feature relatively low viscosity making vacuum degassing optional for most applications.

Dragon SkinTM Series

High performance translucent silicone rubbers that can be mixed 1A:1B by weight or volume and are very strong and very “stretchy”. Cured material is certified Skin Safe.

EcoflexTM Series

Super-Soft and stretchy translucent rubbers. Mixed 1:1 by volume. Most Ecoflex™ products are also certified Skin Safe.

Smooth-SilTM Series

Exhibit good chemical, abrasion and heat resistance. Some Smooth-Sil™ are food grade suitable for making molds used to produce food.

ReboundTM Series

Easy-to-use platinum-cure silicone rubbers which self-thicken for making brush-on molds of almost any model. Mixed 1A:1B by volume.

SORTA-Clear™ Series

Premium water white translucent silicone rubbers that feature high tensile and tear strength. Some SORTA-Clear™ are food grade.

EquinoxTM Series

Silicone Putty silicone compounds that can be easily mixed and applied by hand to a variety of surfaces. Equinox™ silicones are food safe.

Body DoubleTM Series

Long lasting skin safe lifecasting silicone that can be applied directly to the skin to make molds of the face, hands and other body parts.

Skin TiteTM

Silicone Appliance Builder and Adhesive for Skin F/X used to create fast wounds, scars and to adhere skin effect appliances directly to the skin.

Psycho PaintTM

Translucent clear silicone that is used to make a base for color pigmenting. Thinned with a solvent, thin layers of paint can then be applied to a model’s surface made of platinum silicone.

Vacuum Bag Silicone

Silicone developed especially for making high performance, reusable vacuum bags.


Low viscosity, clear and colorless silicone rubber compound designed for use in protecting of electronic components and other assemblies.

Rubber GlassTM

Water-Clear silicone rubber can be used to create a variety of special effects and for electronic encapsulation applications.

EncapsoTM K

Water-Clear silicone rubber ideal for a variety of encapsulation and display applications.


Silicone rubber compounds that can be sprayed using the EZ-Spray™ Jr. spray system.

Platinum Silicone Accessories

Additives compatible with Smooth-On Platinum Catalyzed Silicones for altering and enhancing their characteristics and performance.

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