Mix and Pour Expanding Foams

Mix and pour, high quality urethane and silicone foams. Versatile, easy-to-use, available in different densities, and can be colored with various tints and pigments.

Rigid foams cure hard and strong with uniform cell structures and can be sanded, machined, etc. Use for making machinable modeling board, lightweight rigid models and props, reinforcing hollow plastic castings and other structures as well as a variety design applications.

Flexible foams cure flexible, strong and used for padding, cushioning and cushion repair, making realistic theatrical props & cosplay costuming, reinforcing hollow flexible castings, archery target repair, flexible gaskets and more.

Mix and Pour Expanding Foams

FOAM-iT!TM Series

Easy to use and cure rigid and strong. They can be used as a lightweight casting material, backfill material for encapsulation or to make hollow castings.

FlexFoam-iT!TM Series

Expanding flexible foams that are easy to use and durable. They are lightweight, versatile and most are available in easy to measure mix ratios.

Soma FoamaTM

Platinum silicone casting foam that is versatile and easy to use. UV, water, high heat resistant (up to 350°F / 176°C), and resistant to oxidation and ozone degradation.

EZ~SprayTM Foams

For large projects or for completing a number of smaller projects simultaneously using the EZ~Spray™ Jr spray system

Expanding Foam Accessories

Additives compatible with Smooth-On Expanding Foams for altering and enhancing their characteristics and performance.

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