Lifecasting Materials

Easy to use alginates are quick and economical; good for making single use molds of the hands, face, etc. Skin safe silicones are used to make lasting molds used over and over for casting resins, wax and more.
Lifecasting Materials

Alja-SafeTM Series

Skin safe crystalline-silica free alginate suitable for making "temporary" molds of the face, hands and other body parts

Body DoubleTM Series

Long lasting skin safe lifecasting silicone rubbers that will reproduce perfect detail from any original model - far better detail than any alginate.

Starter Kits

These starter kits are a bargain - less expensive than buying products individually - and offer a great way to learn the basics of different lifecasting, processes.

Lifecasting Accessories

Products designed to work with Smooth-On lifecasting products like the BodyDouble® and AljaSafe® series of mold making materials

Not sure which product is right for your project?