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TASK™ 21

For Industrial Use Only.
Keep Out of the Reach of Children.
Product Packaging May Vary.

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TASK™ 21 is a performance urethane casting resin that has been described by many as having similar performance and mechanical characteristics to ABS plastic, with high compressive and flexural strength. TASK™ 21 has no odor and is easy to process. Mix ratio is 2A:1B by weight or volume. Pot life is 6 minutes and handling strength is reached in 60 minutes at room temperature (depending on mass and configuration).

TASK™ 21 features a low mixed viscosity of 500 cps and readily de-airs itself when cast into molds. SO-Strong™ or IGNITE™ colorants can be added for color and a variety of powder fillers can be added to alter performance or appearance characteristics. Applications for TASK™ 21 include rapid prototyping, casting strong and highly detailed models, making holding / assembly fixtures, figurines and decorative castings.

IMPORTANT - TASK™ 21 can not be cast into platinum-cure silicone molds. We recommend casting TASK™ 21 into tin-cure silicone or urethane rubber molds (using a release agent).

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